Flinders University Hub and Plaza

Adelaide, SA

The realised Hub & Plaza refreshes the campus culture by offering students a relevant and engaging place aligned to student needs. With a focus on student interaction, engagement and services the new student hub and plaza is a vibrant place to learn, connect and play. A mix of technology-enabled student space provides choice and autonomy, fostering collaboration and peer collegiality.

The carefully designed and laid out 2,000 seat terraced amphitheatre with a giant super screen can now host a multitude of community, sporting and artistic events.

Described by the university as a 'an incredible new space', it also has wider appeal as a destination for local community, businesses and visitors, increasing and extending exposure for the University. The dramatic amphitheatre and flexible-use plaza complement the program of trendy bars and food outlets, establishing a 'new place to go' within the southern suburbs.

The finished product is an inspired place that captures the University's aspirations for an inspiring environment for learning in a contemporary setting.



2016 AILA SA Award of Excellence in Civic Landscape