Adelaide, SA
Renewal SA

Oxigen is a key leader of the multi- disciplinary team for the Tonsley Park Redevelopment master plan. Tonsley Park is a strategic site for delivering urban infill residential development under the SA Government’s 30 Year Plan.

Oxigen have played a key role in the determining the structure and layout of the Tonsley Redevelopment Master Plan and set design plans and guidelines for the key elements comprising squares, plazas, parks and streets.

For this project, Oxigen is working closely with various development specialists including market analysts and quality surveyors to ensure innovative and achievable solutions for the site.



The Tonsley Urban Design Protocol is designed to guide public and private development and provides a set of goals, objectives and broad underlying principles to guide decision making. The Protocol follows the national model by articulating broad principles for urban design that consider the project’s unique characteristics.

The Protocol informs a series of development manuals which encompass specific site strategies ranging from pedestrian movement to building setbacks and interface.

The document has also become a key part of the marketing material directed towards prospective investors.


013 AILA SA Planning in Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence