Lot Fourteen

Former Royal Adelaide Hospital Site
North Terrace
Adelaide, South Australia

Contaminated, inner city, post-industrial brownfield’s sites are by their nature challenging. However, these are also some of the most interesting and relevant for our profession.

Oxigen are engaged by Renewal SA to provide landscape architectural and urban design advice for Lot Fourteen — an urban brownfield’s site in the Adelaide CBD, leading a team of architects and engineers in a major urban renewal project to transform the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site to new uses.

Located on the North Terrace cultural boulevard, the intent is to deliver a truly sustainable, mixed use commercial, institutional and technological services precinct. A key tenant is the Australian Space Agency who will partner with industry leaders and the city’s three major research universities to lead innovation and capacity-building in high-technology industries.

The Lot Fourteen site is unique. As a former hospital, this site has many cultural associations. The memories and stories of patients and hospital employees will be embedded in the buildings, gardens and art that comprise the site design. The design is not just of any place — it reflects the former uses, people and meanings that impart places with identity.

Sustainability drives the intended outcomes and is integral. There is a focus on high levels of resource efficiency, adaptive re-use of existing buildings, and a design approach that allows for flexibility and adaptation to changes in economics and technological advances.

Environmental credentials are critical for the project’s success. These are planned for, designed into every aspect of the development and are measurable. The project achieves a 6 Star Green Star Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia and a WELL rating from the International Well Building Institute (IWBI) — this recognises the importance placed on community, health and well-being.

The Master Plan and Protocols establishes the operating framework that governs the site’s development. These Protocols provide succinct documentation outlining the vision and aspiration for Lot Fourteen and explaining, in simple language, how good urban design can be achieved to create places that are safe, comfortable and enjoyable, as well as socially, economically and environmentally responsible. Urban design influences our physical and mental health and has the ability to promote community interaction, adopt healthy lifestyles and be a positive catalyst for social change.


Client Renewal SA
Timeframe 2018 — ongoing
Size 7 hectares
Oxigen role Lead Consultant — Public Realm
Master Plan — Protocols + Site Strategies
Recognition Award of Excellence in Urban Design, 2019 SA AILA Awards