Oxigen is an integrated design practice that feeds off the multi-disciplinary skills of our staff working within a collaborative studio environment. Our skills come from formal qualifications in landscape architecture, urban design, architecture, urban and regional planning, industrial design and urban horticulture, meshed with the experience of realised projects that span strategic master plans and policy development to built form. A portfolio of completed environmental and cultural projects defines our practice and demonstrates our to commitment to a strong sense of place that reflects memory and enhances everyday experiences. Oxigen’s focus is in contributing towards healthy, sustainable and liveable cities and the role landscape architecture has in making places that become loved as part of our everyday life.

Oxigen projects vary in scale and type, from small intimate private spaces to large strategic master plans. Despite the size of a project, Oxigens belief in environmental performance and technical innovation shows in every project.


Oxigen’s approach is always specific to the site, drawing the principles for design from the site context, climate, ecology and people’s use. No two design outcomes can be the same if they are derived from a fundamental understanding of the place and its uniqueness. As a practice, we are not constrained by formulas that can work against site specific design.

Beauty in Design

Oxigen strives for environmentally healthy and beautiful design solutions. Designs which are ecologically effective and comfortable to be in are most often those which are also the most attractive.

Creativity and Innovation

To achieve high quality design solutions that are environmentally and socially responsible, we continuously re-evaluate our acquired technical and detailed knowledge. Many of our projects have introduced new ideas, taking advantage of technological advances and methods of doing things in more sustainable and cost-effective ways. As a practice we value research and the rigour that attention to detail requires.


Oxigen focuses on professional ethics, social responsibility, climate change and sustainable development. These values apply externally to the projects we associate with and internally with the strategic design and detailed resolution of projects. Oxigen’s commitment to financial, social and environmental sustainability extends to our practice’s corporate governance and ethical approach to management that values staff participation and openness.

Workshops and Method

Collaboration and Dialogue
As a practice, we encourage dialogue as a means to achieve good design outcomes; eg. inclusion of local communities in the process of design not only inputs knowledge and reveals local experiences and expectations, but it also imparts ownership and long term care. Our focus is on participation by client — other consultants — users and the exchange of ideas within a collaborative team approach.

Oxigen has a proven track record of delivering high quality projects for clients on time and to budget. Collectively we have experience working on complex urban design projects and urban precincts that define our environments. Over the last 15 years Oxigen have realised the design, planning and construction of some of Australia’s best known places.


James Hayter
Director, Registered Landscape Architect, Urban Designer and Architect
Travis Wright
Director, Registered Landscape Architect and Urban Designer
David Sadler
Senior Associate, Registered Landscape Architect and Horticulturist
Oliver Johnson
Senior Associate, Registered Landscape Architect
Sophie Chevillard
Registered Landscape Architect
Steve Davis
Landscape Architect
Guan Yiyao
Landscape Architect
Emmeline McArdle
Graduate Landscape Architect
Olyvia Solomon
Graduate Landscape Architect
Edward Hayter
Industrial Designer
Sharon Gunton